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The Introduction to Tactical Shotguns class is must-have training for new owners of tactical shotguns, and for those who have not enjoyed the benefit of formal entry-level tactical shotgun training. Introduction to Tactical Shotguns also prepares tactical shotgun owners for sporting, defensive, and and later tactical shotgun courses.
Ammunition Required: 60 Rounds of Birdshot, 10 Rounds of Buckshot, and 15 shotgun Slugs minimum.

Equipment Required: 

  • Serviceable Pump or Semi-Auto Shotgun with Owner's Manual   (Pump Shotguns are available for rent)
  • Ammunition    (some ammunition may be available for purchase; check with us before the class)
  • Long Pants with large Cargo Pockets or Shotgun Shell Pouch, Closed-toe Shoes or boots (NO flip flops/sandals, etc.)
  • Crew Neck (T-Shirt) or button up shirt (NO low-cut neck lines)
  • Hearing Protection (foam inserts and ear muffs)
  • Eye Protection (must meet a recognized eye protection certified standard such as A.N.S.I)  


Introduction to Modern Shotguns

Course Length: 4 Hours (Almost Entirely Range Time)
Prerequisites Required:  NONE
Course Tuition: $75  Non-Refundable Deposit $55

Patriot Training And Consulting, LLC- Tactical And Defensive Shotgun Training ,  Home Defense, Shotgun Classes

Taught almost entirely on the range, this one day course is designed to improve your skills and tactics necessary to effectively engage threats. Defensive Shotgun begins with a review of safe and proper tactics for using a pump or semi-automatic shotgun. Next, topics move to tactical shotgun shooting fundamentals, carry and presentation, tactical shotgun manipulation, Shotgun patterning, Speed and Tactical Reloading Drills; Select Slug Drills; Shooting from various firing positions; Engaging multiple targets, Use of Cover and Concealment, and Practical Applications of Lessons Learned during Live Fire Exercises.

PREREQUISITE: You must demonstrate safe handling and use of your shotgun at all times. - Minimum age: 18 - Ammunition must be Factory-loaded ammunition; NO reloads. Sturdy belt, and Shell Carrier(s). At all times, students must demonstrate safe weapons handling specific to shotguns, solid marksmanship fundamentals, and safe use and carriage of a shotgun in order to attend this class.

Ammunition Required: 200 rounds of Birdshot, 40 rounds of Buckshot and 25 shotgun Slugs minimum*

Required Equipment:

  • Shotgun: Modern 12 or 20 gauge Pump or Semi-Auto with a Sling. Must be clean, and in good working order. 
  • Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning.
  • Clothing suitable for training in any weather.
  • Hat with a brim
  • Hydration system
  • Wraparound eyewear, polycarbonate lenses or non-shattering prescription glasses
  • Earmuffs and earplugs ​

*Round counts may differ depending on student's choice of birdshot vs. buckshot rounds, range restrictions, and other factors such as longer range shots, etc.   
Next Course: TBD

Patriot Training And Consulting, Tactical And Defensive Shotgun Training, Home Defense, Shotgun Classes

Customized Tactical Shotgun / Handgun Courses are also available

Course Length: 8 Hrs.
Class Tuition: $175 Non-Refundable Deposit $ 175

Defensive Shotgun

Course Length:  6 - 8 Hours
Prerequisites:   See below  
Class Tuition: $150  Non-Refundable Deposit: $50

This class was specifically designed to introduce both new owners of modern shotguns, and anyone interested in learning about modern tactical and defensive shotguns to the various aspects of ownership and the operation of tactical type shotguns.  A shotgun can do more harm than good if employed by an untrained person. Conversely, with proper training, the modern shotgun is arguably one of the most effective firearms in certain applications to include both sport and personal protection.

Certified instructors enable you to discern between fact and myths surrounding shotguns. As a participant, you will learn both the positive and negative points of using shotguns in real-world applications including home defense. We'll even dispel some of the common fictitious myths surrounding shotguns and shotgun ammunition.

Topics include:

  • Safe Practices of Responsible Firearms Ownership and Use
  • General Firearms and Shotgun Specific Safety Considerations ​​
  • Safe Handling of Shotguns while Training with, Transporting and Carrying a Shotgun
  • Proper Shotgun Storage, Locking Devices, and Methods of Preventing Unauthorized Access to your Shotgun
  • Modern Shotgun Components and Operation - Proper Applications and Employment of modern Shotguns
  • Methods to Prevent Potential Dangers with Shotguns such as Ricochet, Over-Penetration, Negligent Discharge, etc.
  • Ammunition Types, Components, and Purposes of today's Shotgun Ammunition
  • General Guidelines pertaining to Interstate Travel with Firearms
  • Legal Considerations of Possessing, Transporting, and Storage of Shotguns
  • Administrative Loading and Unloading of Shotguns
  • Ready Positions for Shotgun Shooting
  • Fundamentals of Basic Shotgun Shooting Techniques
  • Cleaning, Maintenance, Inspection, and Safe Storage of your Shotgun
  • Shotgun Accessories and Shooting Gear Selection

This class is presented in a professional, yet relaxed and casual manner by one of our SIG SAUER ACADEMY Certified Shotgun Instructors. Using both classroom and range instruction, students can expect to gain confidence and competence in the use of modern pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns.