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Welcome and thank you for considering us...

Welcome and thank you for considering us for your personal defense, concealed carry handgun (CCH / CCW), firearms training, defensive and tactical shotgun training, and security consulting needs. "PatriotTAC" is a well versed training and solutions provider. We offer a diverse selection of training with respect to firearms, concealed carry training ( ccw ), personal defense, home and business protection, security consulting, crime prevention, counter and antiterrorism, active-shooter response, homeland security training, and a lot more. We even sell G Code holsters including the Haley INCOG. For the best training, you want Patriot Training and Consulting, LLC.concealed carry training (ccw) and G-Code Holsters, G Code.patriot training and consulting, llc concealed carry training (CCW), patriot training and consulting, llc g-code holsters g code, incog, gcode incog jacksonville

PatriotTAC offers a full spectrum of training, from basic awareness and proficiency courses to in-depth, advanced tactical applications. We offer N.C. DoJ and nationally certified training courses as well as customized training in personal protection, home defense, and law enforcement training. PatriotTAC teaches concealed carry handgun classes, family, residential, and business security training for the real world. We teach firearms safety, victim avoidance seminars, pistol / handgun, rifle, and shotgun classes, carbine / patrol rifle shooting and tactics for law enforcement, and active shooter and bomb threat response courses just to name a few.  

  Patriot Training and Consulting instructors provide training to military, law enforcement, and DoD contracted professionals, as well as those seeking to safeguard their families, homes, businesses, and themselves from crime and or terrorism. We also sell a select choice of retail items such as optics, sights, night vision devices, holsters and more. CLICK HERE to see our ON-LINE STORE. Click here for North Carolina Concealed Carry-Handgun legal information.


    Our certified instructors are steadfast in their commitment to providing the absolute highest quality  

    instruction you’ll find anywhere, while maintaining competitive pricing. With the understanding that

    people generally learn best from one of the three major learning styles (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic),

    our instructors cater to all three learner styles simultaneously by incorporating the most modern,

    comprehensive techniques to facilitate high impact, positive learning.

PatriotTAC is always interested in teaming up with range owners, other training companies, individuals, or firearms sales professionals interested in hosting courses for concealed carry, defensive handgun, shotgun or carbine courses, personal or corporate security, or emergency preparedness training. If you would like to host a training course, we can assemble a mobile training team to meet your needs.

What our clients say about us:

"Patriot Training and consulting far exceeded my expectations in obtaining a CCH permit. Chris and his Team demonstrated an understanding of firearm safety and combined it with the legal aspect associated with possessing a CCH permit. I would challenge anyone in the area to match or beat what this team has going on. I have contacted several instructors in the area only to find out that it was a 2 hour course with no firing being conducted, I wanted to get the most training for my money and Chris and his team provided just that. The Patriot team provided education and mentoring to both experienced and inexperienced persons, regardless of your level of training if you want to fully understand what it means to be a responsible CCH recipient, Choose Patriot Training and Consulting! You will not be disappointed. "
- E. Dubois

Thanks Chris! My wife and I really appreciated the Concealed Carry-Handgun (CCH) class. Since taking your course, we’ve had a number of conversations with friends who had taken a CCH class someplace else. The more people we talk to the more we realize just how much more we learned by taking your course! It’s become obvious that some people become CCH instructors simply because they know how to shoot. This is obviously not the case with you or your instructors. Your firsthand knowledge of the criminal justice system, the courts, and the legal issues surrounding concealed carry and the use of force is worth every penny of the tuition fee. We were amazed at how more you teach in addition to the required legal information.

- D. & N. Bachman

I wanted to thank you for the excellent course this past Saturday. My wife and I both enjoyed and benefited from your CCH course. The eight hours seemed to fly by due to the amount of knowledge and skills you put out there. I have already been searching your classes for myself and the wife to attend next. I will most certainly be getting the word out there about PatriotTAC. You guys are a hidden gem and I wish I'd have heard of you guys sooner. Thank you for all the hard work and enthusiasm you put into our class. We look forward to being a part of your other courses in the near future.
- J. Darisse

I attended a Concealed Carry Handgun Class hosted by Patriot Training and Consulting and I could not believe how much I learned from them. As both a Veteran Marine with many deployments and an avid shooter of more than nineteen years, I didn't expect to learn much from a CCW class in Jacksonville or anywhere for that matter. To my surprise, from the start of the class in morning to the end in the afternoon, I learned a lot. From legal issues, to tactical use of a handgun, to defensive measures, Patriot Training really knows how to teach students at EVERY level; from beginner to seasoned professional. They're passionate about what they teach, they love teaching others, and it shows! Though I consider myself an expert with both handguns and rifles, Patriottac's instructor explained and demonstrated some unique methods of handgun manipulation, personal defense, and even tactical use of a handgun that I just hadn't learned anywhere else. Overall, I'm amazed by the incredible amount of knowledge, information, and experience these guys have. Their expertise taught me a lot. Most importantly, I learned there's still a great deal more to learn from guys who specialize in their line of work; no matter how much you know. I plan to attend their NRA Personal Protection In the Home Course and their NRA Personal Protection OUTSIDE the home Course, an advanced concealed carry course, and I can't wait!
- J. Stevens

Patriot Training And Consulting, Llc Concealed Carry Training (Ccw)

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